AP Govt introduces online movie ticket booking portal to book tickets for affordable prices :

The government of Andhra Pradesh has finally come out with the order to sell the movie tickets via its online portal YourScreen to help common man to book the tickets with affordable prices, without bearing burden of additional charges. Sharing the news in front of the media, it is said by the managing director of AP Film, TV and Theatre Development Corporation, T Vijay Kumar Reddy that cinema tickets would be sold only according to the rates prescribed by the government and the black marketing of tickets would come to an end.

He also said that APFTTDC would operate YourScreens portal on which the people can buy cinema tickets at the mentioned rates without any additional burden. “While one has to pay an additional amount of Rs 20 to Rs 25 towards service charges in current online booking platforms, it will be only Rs 1.95 paisa towards platform charges in YourScreens. This will deduct the burden on the audience.”

The government has decided to introduce the online ticketing system only because of the request made by the Telugu film industry representatives, and post the discussions with different sections including distributors, exhibitors and service providers, said Vijay Kumar. He said those theatres who have connections with other online portals, could progress to follow the agreement. But according to the current GO, the theatres could sell only 50% of the tickets through these portals.

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