Another Kerala panchayat does away with ‘sir’, ‘madam’

Mulanthuruthy block panchayat renames application forms for various services as ‘rightful claims forms’

Mulanthuruthy block panchayat has become the latest local body to do away with what is being widely perceived as a colonial vestige of the public addressing officials as ‘sir’ or ‘madam’.

Henceforth, they can address officials either by their names or designations. Besides, application forms for various services to be submitted by the public have been renamed as ‘rightful claims forms’.

“The move follows the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee direction to all local bodies governed by the Congress to follow the model set by Mathur panchayat in Palakkad, which first passed such a resolution,” said Raju P. Nair, Mulanthuruthy block panchayat president. The decision was taken unanimously by the governing committee.

Boards will be set up to inform the public about their new rights.

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