Anchor Syamala husband Narasimha Reddy arrested in cheating case

Popular TV anchor Syamala’ husband Narasimha Reddy has been arrested by Raidurg Police in a cheating case. Narasimha Reddy was arrested based on a complaint that was filed by a lady who alleged that she was cheated for Rs one Cr. When the lady asked  Narasimha Reddy for return of money, he threatened her of dire consequences.

Few are saying the Laxmi narasimha Reddy not only  borrow Rs one crore rupees from a woman named Sindhura Reddy but  he also threatened her when she asked him to repay and  allegedly harassed her s*xually as well. Later the lady filed a case against Narasimha Reddy and now Syamala’ husband has been arrested and was sent to remand.

One more lady was also arrested in this  cheating case and her details are yet to be revealed.  On the otherside, Syamala  reacted on her husband’ arrest and said, let the truth come out.

  The anchor Syamala added, “One day when we reached Hyderabad from my in-law’ house and I was tired. As I was suffering from fever so I slept off. My husband went out on Monday and did not come back. Later I got to know through the media that my husband  was arrested in the  cheating case.”

Anchor Shyamala and  Narasimha Reddy have a love marriage.  Narasimha Reddy is also known for playing important roles in the serials.

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