Ananya says that if you want to see beauty, you have to stop.. The photos are going viral..!

Ananya Nagella.. The audience and the youth fighters do not need a new introduction about this hot Telugu girl.. She attracted the boys with her attractive beauty, cute looks and playful smile.. Ananya who acted in the movies ‘Mallesham’, ‘Playback’, ‘Vakeel Saab’.. Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Vakeel Saab’ brought a good name.. It was thought that she will be busy as an actress after this film.. If it is cut, there is no commitment for any new films..

That’s why she is not giving any update regarding her profession.. Unless she is seen in movies.. She gives daily updates on social media.. Youth fighters tell us that is not enough.. Ananya who is always active on Instagram. Giving.. a photo is shared and creates a buzz on social media..

The boys are making naughty comments saying, ‘Madam, your dress is torn.. Why don’t we stop when you say pause?.. Let’s zoom in and take a closer look’. This Kirak pic posted by Ananya is already getting a huge amount of likes and comments.

A post shared by Ananya nagalla (@ananya.nagalla)

A post shared by Ananya nagalla (@ananya.nagalla)

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