Ananya Panday upset with her waist size or b… size?


Ananya Panday during an interview recently said that she was advised to get b….t implants at the start of her career. She discussed how she dealt with casual s…ism early in her career in her most recent appearance on The Ranveer Show.

Liger lady recalled how she was asked to fix her body and face, and found it very hurtful. The actress said  that when she started working in the film industry, people started saying things like ‘you should fix this and fix that, like get a b….b job or change something about your face. And, it was said very casually and not in direct words. They would say, ‘just fill up little more. Put on some weight.’”

 She was very upset after hearing this.   The star daughter said, “Is that what people care about? Is there nothing about me paramount to my waist size or b.…t size? The worst thing you can do to someone is judge them for their body.”

 Ananya Panday is the daughter of Chunky Panday and she is making her debut in Telugu film Industry with Liger in which she is sharing the screen space with Arjun Reddy and World  Famous Lover fame Vijay Deverakonda under the direction of Puri Jagannadh.

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