Ambattur police hold midnight beat patrols to prevent crime

About 100 police personnel will conduct regular marches on arterial roads and crime-prone areas

Aiming to increase visible policing at night and to prevent crime, the city police have re-introduced midnight marches by beat police officers in the Ambattur Police District as a pilot project.

Between 12 and 1.30 a.m., 100-odd police personnel in khaki uniforms, on their beat bikes and patrolling jeeps, with blue and red lights, are conducting regular marches on arterial roads and crime-prone areas. The Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Ambattur, Deepa Satyan, who recently assumed charge has introduced the new initiative. She herself led the march at night.

The beat officers fell in line at around midnight and the DC issued a series of instructions to handle any suspicious persons.

Ms. Deepa told The Hindu, “This exercise is to discourage all crime by providing a proactive and responsive policing service. The purpose of conducting midnight marches by beat police officers is for crime prevention and to instil fear and a deterrent effect on criminals or suspicious elements who are out at night. We are planning to conduct such marches regularly.”

She said whenever such a march is conducted, it has always been very effective in crime prevention.

“We conducted a march on midnight, Tuesday-Wednesday, and not single crime incident occurred in the district. This is our first attempt. Other than this, we are also contemplating other measures to be adopted for crime prevention. With the help of modern technologies, we will introduce these soon,” said Ms. Deepa.

Besides, the Ambattur police have started a WhatsApp group connecting all beat officers and this will be useful for real-time monitoring of beat officers, she said.

The police also plan to activate the e-Beat system under which a constable will have to scan his phone on QR electronic code cards installed at designated locations including schools, ATMs, banks and panchayat offices. It will also make constables more accountable to developments in their area, officials said.

The Ambattur police district, which is the largest police district in the city, has a large number of residential and industrial areas. It has 16 police stations in its limits.

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