Airbus picks Tata Tech as strategic supplier

Tata Technologies Ltd. said it had been selected by Airbus as an engineering, manufacturing engineering and services strategic supplier (EMES3). The firm would collaborate with Airbus in the Engineering, Customer Services Engineering, and Manufacturing Engineering areas. “This is an outcome of an extensive 7-month long multi-phased procurement assessment process that covered all Airbus divisions, subsidiaries, and affiliates across engineering, manufacturing engineering, and customer services engineering functions,” the company said.

Through the Master Supply Agreement (MSA), the company said it plans to deliver competitive services across the specified areas as well as scale up its presence in Toulouse (France), Hamburg (Germany) and Seville (Spain) in coming years.

Warren Harris, Managing Director and CEO said, “We are confident that our Manufacturing Engineering capabilities will help Airbus develop better products and improve efficiencies in their business and we are committed to growing our relationship with Airbus the next few years.”

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