AIADMK has dug its own grave, says Balakrishnan

By joining hands with the BJP for the Assembly election, the ruling AIADMK has dug its own grave, CPI(M) State secretary K. Balakrishnan said here on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Balakrishnan said the BJP, which reposed its faith only in violence to get votes by coercing the electorate, unleashed fear and panic in Coimbatore when Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited the city a couple of days ago for electioneering. Besides threatening traders to down shutters, a mob carrying BJP flags, indulged in violence against them in a bid to forcibly make them close their shops.

“If the BJP can unleash violence even when they are not in power in Tamil Nadu, voters should think what will happen in the State if the party wins a MLA seat in the State. By joining hands with the BJP, which believes only in violence to achieve its goal, the ruling AIADMK has dug its grave in the election arena,” Mr. Balakrishnan said.

The Election Commission, which would portray itself to be active till 48 hours before polling, would disappear from the scene mysteriously in the crucial last two days. Seizing the opportunity, distribution of cash for votes would be completed by political parties.

The CPI(M), which never accepted cash-for-votes practice, wanted the Election Commission to take every possible step to check the menace at least this time as it was its responsibility.

“While the ruling party has got every aspect in its favour to distribute cash for votes, the Opposition parties do not have such an advantage. So, it is the duty of the Election Commission to curb distribution of cash to lure voters,” he said.

He also predicted that the DMK-led alliance would register a resounding victory, “which will be more impressive and mammoth than the victory it achieved in 2019 Lok Sabha polls”.

Welcoming the decision to confer Dadha Saheb Palke Award on actor Rajinikanth, Mr. Balakrishnan said the announcement made by the Centre on the eve of Assembly polls in Tamil Nadu had given room for suspicion

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