Activists kept out of meeting

Activists G. Hanumantha Kamath and G.K. Bhat were not allowed to attend the meeting called by Mayor Divakar to discuss traffic issues at the corporation on Tuesday.

Mr. Kamath said that the office of the Mayor had called him and Mr. Bhat and asked them to attend the meeting.

Apart from officials from Mangaluru City Corporation, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime and Traffic) Vinay Gaonker and officials from the office of Regional Transport Officer attended the meeting.

When Mr. Kamath came to the venue, officials told him that the meeting was purely between councillors and the officials. “It is strange that at the last moment officials barred us from attending the meeting. We represent the voice of the people who bear with traffic problems. It appears officials are not keen on hearing bitter truth about traffic management,” Mr. Kamath said and left the venue. Mr. Bhat heard from Mr. Kamath and did not come to the venue.

Defending the decision to bar activists, Mr. Divakar told The Hindu that the meeting had been called to hear the 60 elected councillors and four nominated councillors. “This alone has taken two and half hours. We did not have time to hear others,” he said and added that he has received a memorandum from Mr. Kamath.

However, Mr. Kamath denied having submitted any memorandum on traffic issues to Mr. Divakar.

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