Accused falsely implicated in Mansoor murder case: Jayarajan

‘League workers to be blamed for the death of accused’

Kannur district secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) M.V. Jayarajan on Monday said those named as accused in the Mansoor murder case were falsely implicated.

Speaking to mediapersons on the sidelines of a peace march organised by the party at Kadavathoor in Panoor here on Tuesday, he said the list was prepared according to statements given by Indian Union Muslim League workers.

Muslim Youth League worker Mansoor, 22, a resident of Chokli Pullukkara, was killed in a clash around 8 p.m. on April 6, election day. The police have named 11 persons, supposedly CPI(M) workers, as accused in the case.

Mr. Jayarajan said the second accused Ratheesh Kooloth, who allegedly committed suicide, was not involved in the case. He could have committed suicide as League workers had assaulted him and attempted to falsely implicate him in the case.

He said Ratheesh’s mother had lodged a complaint with the District Police Chief claiming that her son was beaten up by IUML workers. She had also alleged that her son was wrongly accused in the case and that he could no longer stay at home.

He said League workers caused the death of Ratheesh by unjustly naming him as accused in the case.

The CPI(M) leader said Left Democratic Front workers were beaten up at booth 150 at Pullukkara on the polling day. After polling, Shinos, an LDF worker who had been arrested in connection with the case, was abducted by League workers. LDF workers had to rush in there to save him.

Death of Mansoor was an unfortunate one related to an incident during polling. He said the police should conduct a thorough investigation. Even those who were not there at the time of the incident had also been charged. The CPI(M) was not against arresting the real culprits. If CPI(M) workers were involved, let them also be arrested, he added.

Mr. Jayarajan said five CPI(M) workers had been killed in the past six months in the State. It was not the policy of the Left to retaliate. Alleging that the United Democratic Front was promoting violence, he criticised the front for boycotting the recent peace meeting held in the district.

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