Aarogya Sri Bandh In Telangana!

Many corporate hospitals and a network of private hospitals have stopped the Aarogya Sri services in Telangana, as a protest to the non-payment of pending arrears by the state government.

A network of corporate hospitals and more than 240 private hospitals have decided to the withhold all the government including Aarogya Sri, EHS (Employees Health Scheme) & JHS (Journalists Health Scheme).

In order to pacify them and understand their problems, the government has set up meeting with ‘Aarogya Sri’ network hospitals at 3 PM on Friday. Aarogya Sri is a flagship healthcare program by Telangana government which is administered by Aarogyasri Health Care Trust.

According to the Telangana Network Hospitals Association (TANHA), Telangana Sarkar has to furnish pending arrears of Rs 1,500 crore and is pending from last few years.

Private hospitals have boycott Aarogya Sri services from today, as the government failed to make payment before the deadline of August 15.

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