A special bond

Samuthirakani’s Appa portrays the intricacies of the father-child relationship in a poignant manner.


Appa, which translates to ‘Father’, is a film that deals with the role of fathers in raising their children. This film tries to address the issues faced by parents and children from both their viewpoints. The film revolves around the story of three families in a small town near Neyveli, Tamil Nadu. Dayalan (Samuthirakani) is a humanitarian who believes in liberal parenting. Whereas, Singaperumal (Thambi Ramaiah) is a strict parent and Nadunilaiyan (Namo Narayana), believes in playing it safe and tries to avoid taking risks in life. Do their different outlooks affect the relationship dynamics in their families? How do their parenting styles inuence their children’s personalities?


Samuthirakani’s Appa touches on various issues that need to be addressed. For example, when Dayalan’s son, Vetri finds it diffcult to interact with a girl in his class, Dayalan asks him to bring her home for coffee. Once they interact, they lose all inhibitions and become really good friends. He tells his son that, as one grows it might be hard to understand gender differences. He says that room for open conversation could help overcome such issues. Dayalan finds it diffcult though to convey his views on parenting. Throughout the film, he stresses the need for being sensitive and humane. However, this has resulted in a lack of focus on other characters and the film’s structure.


The film doesn’t seem to have any form but just has an overdose of content that turns out to be nothing more than value education. Though the messages on various signicant issues are put forth by Samuthirakani, it fails to stitch the story together. The film appears to be just a series of messages one after the other, without any focus on the plot. All the characters other than Dayalan seem unidimensional. For instance, Dayalan’s wife is depicted as a woman who wants his son to be brought up in a conventional manner, which Dayalan opposes. This gives her a negative and an adamant streak which doesn’t change for the positive throughout the film.


1. Directed by Chris Renaud, this computer animated comedy drama revolves around a Jack Russell Terrier named Max. Name this film.

2. The protagonist of Barnyard, a German-American computer animated film is Otis, a carefree cow who loves to play with his friends. Otis tries his best to avoid all responsibilities. Name the person who has voiced Otis.

3. This 1999 computeranimated film directed by Rob Minko is based on a novel by E.B. White. Name the film.

4. This film won four awards at the 85th Academy Awards. The film is based on a 2001 novel of the same name. Name the author of the novel.

5. This 1996 live action film is one of the adaptations of Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel. Name this film.

1. The Secret Life of Pets ,

2. Kevin James, 3. Stuart Little ,

4. Yann Martel, 5. 101 Dalmatians


1.Google devoted a doodle in the memory of this late legendary actress on account of her 85th birth anniversary. Name her.

2.Considered as one of the most iconic stars in Hindi Cinema, this actor made her screen debut at the age of 9. Name the film she debuted in.

3.This veteran actor from South India debuted at the age of 13 in a Tamil flim titled Vazhkai. Name her.


1. Meena Kumari, 2. Basant (1942), 3. Vyjayanthimala



Live action in cinematography refers to the presence of real human characters instead of animated ones. This involves the presence of actual actors in the frame. It would not be a live action film, even if it uses models or paintings in the place of human actors. However, live action can also be used along with computer animation to give a unique effect.

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