A new park on the block

Renovated children’s park in Perambur is now open to receive visitors

A tiled walkers’ pathway, tennis and badminton court, volleyball area and a space for yoga are among the amenities provided at Mayor Munusamy Corporation playground. The sandy floor of the facility has been raised to a height of 1.5 feet to construct a tiled walker’s pathway. The playground also got a high-mast lamp and LED lights. The improved conditions at the facility are expected to draw more visitors to the facility.

“As there was no park nearby, we would walk up to the Perambur flyover to enjoy these facilities,” says K. Sudrendar, a regular visitor to the park.

Tucked away between Perambur Paper Mills Road and Perambur Loco Works railway station, Rangasayee Street has many British-era buildings and apartment complexes. A good number of the residents on the stretch are senior citizens who retired from Southern Railway.

A compound wall with two steel gates was also built to prevent the entry of visitors after closing hours. The entire playground will also come under CCTV-camera surveillance, says a Corporation official.

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