73.74% voter turn out in Virudhunagar district

This is 1.62% less than 2016 Assembly elections

With the final tally of 73.74% that is 16.81 lakh voters turning up at the polling booths in seven Assembly constituencies, the polling percentage has dipped by 1.62% when compared to 2016 Assembly election.

While Tiruchuli registered the highest turn out of 77.46%, the lowest poll percentage was reported in Sivakasi AC – 70.16%.

The polling percentage in other constituencies are: Rajapalayam (73.89%), Srivilliputtur (73.14%), Sattur (75.17%), Virudhunagar (71.27%), Aruppukottai (75.60%).

Among the seven Assembly constituencies Sivakasi has seen the biggest decline in voter turnout with 3.75% lesser voters coming to the polling booths on Tuesday.

Even Tiruchuli AC that recorded the highest poll percentage has seen a fall of 3.29%.

An official attributed the decline in the voter turn out to fear of second wave of COVID-19 and also the sizzling temperature.

“Unusually, the crowd coming to the booth thins in the afternoon and it usually peaks after 3 p.m.,” a senior official said.

However, some local people complained that failure of distribution of voter’s slip also led to the low voter turn out. “Despite repeated reminders to the officials, including the Poll Observer about non-distribution of voter’s slip, there was slackness in its distribution,” an elderly resident of Virudhunagar town said.

The crowding of voters in front of the Booth-Level Officers to get the voter’s slip at many of the polling stations across the district was an evidence to non-distribution.

The need for voter’s slip was felt more in the backdrop of Election Commission creating over 400 booths in the district in view of pandemic situation.

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