70-yr-old man commits suicide in Assam over his son not making it to NRC draft

A 70-year-old man committed suicide in Assam allegedly upset over his only son not making it to the National Register of Citizens draft.

Deben Barman, a marginal farmer was found hanging from a tree outside his house on Tuesday morning in Kanuri part 3 village of Dhubri in Lower Assam.

“The neighbours discovered his body at 6 am,” Biswajit Bhadra, officer in-charge of Assam Police in Golakganj, said.

Bhadra said Barman’s only son Mahendra, who works as a carpenter in Meghalaya, could not make it to the NRC draft which was released on July 30.

Barman, who belonged to the Koch Rajbongshi community, and his wife, however, figured in the draft list.

“Villagers are claiming that Barman was upset over it,” Bhadra said.

Kalipada Mahanta, a painter from the same village, claimed the name of Barman’s 16-year-old grandson was also missing from the draft list of citizens.

Bhadra said the police could not investigate the cause of suicide on Tuesday, since the 60-year-old wife of the deceased was in a state of shock. “His son has not arrived yet,” the officer said.

Assam government and the NRC secretariat had launched an intensive campaign to inform the public that those who do not figure in the draft list of the NRC, which excluded more than 40 lakh people, will be provided ample opportunity to file claims, beginning on August 10.

First Published: Aug 07, 2018 23:19 IST

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