6-year-old undergoes complex laparoscopic procedure at Chennai hospital

The boy was diagnosed with choledochal cyst; a laprascopic procedure was preferred due to faster recovery, doctors said

A 6-year-old boy from West Bengal, who was diagnosed with a choledochal cyst, has undergone a complex laparoscopic procedure at GEM Hospital in the city.

A statement from the hospital said that the boy was diagnosed with choledochal cyst, a cyst in the bile duct that carries bile from the liver to the intestine through the gall bladder. The statement added that the condition could be life threatening as it may later lead to jaundice, pancreatitis or cancer.

Highlighting that it was a congenital condition, the statement said that the child’s parents preferred a laparoscopic procedure instead of an open surgery.

P. Senthilnathan, surgical gastroenterologist and director at the hospital, said that high expertise was needed for the surgery to facilitate drainage of bile from the liver to the intestine after the removal of the cyst. He said that laparoscopic procedure was preferred as it involved smaller scar, lesser pain after surgery, and faster recovery.

C. Palanivelu, chairman, and S. Asokan, chief executive officer and director of the hospital, lauded the surgical team.

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