3 lakh vaccine shots in 15 days, says DC

Private hospitals connected to ‘MAHAN’ offer support

Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri on Monday said nearly three lakh people n Mysuru city alone would be vaccinated in the next 15 days as the private hospitals have come forward to join hands with the district administration in ‘mission vaccination’ as a major step to combat the second wave of COVID-19.

Speaking to reporters after visiting Ashakiran Hospital in Hebbal, she said hospitals associated with ‘MAHAN’ (Mysuru Association of Hospitals and Nursing Homes) in 65 wards have come forward to provide their space for administering free vaccine to the public.

So far, 25 private hospitals have volunteered to join the mission and 50 more would soon be joining. It is a matter of appreciation that the private hospitals have offered to provide free vaccination to the public, she said.

Ms. Sindhuri advised the people to get themselves administered with the vaccine soon to minimise the chances of infection. “The cases are rising in the last one week and the infection rate could go up further. In this situation, it is better to take the vaccine for protection.”

So far, nearly two lakh people had been vaccinated and Mysuru district has a population of 8 lakh people above 45 years of age, she said and expressed hope that more people would come forward to take the jab as the number of vaccination sites in all set to go up soon. About 53 vaccination sites are being operated in across Mysuru city covering most wards, she added.

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