2 minor boys beheaded in Bengal village for fishing in inundated paddy field

Beheaded bodies of two minor boys who have been missing since Friday were recovered on Sunday morning from the Kanthali area of Berhampore in Bengal’s Murshidabad district.

Eight people were detained by the police for questioning while tension gripped the area.

The families of the two boys have alleged that the crime was committed by some local youths who threatened the minors after they were found catching fish from an inundated field.

According to the police, the murdered boys, Manjarul Sheikh, 15, and Tanjarul Sheikh, 16, were cousins. Their fathers work as labourers in Saudi Arabia.

Since there was heavy rainfall in the region, lowlands and agricultural fields were inundated. On Friday morning, Manjarul and Tanjarul went to the Hijaler math area with a small boat to catch fish. They were not seen again.

The families looked for the boys for two days. On Saturday, officers from Berhampore police station went to Kanthali after receiving a complaint but the boys could not be traced.

A search operation was launched again on Sunday morning when the beheaded bodies were spotted near a bush. The severed heads were recovered about 40 meters away.

Firoza Bibi, an aunt of the boys, said, “The fathers of the two boys work as labourers in Saudi Arabia. The boys were catching fish to financially help their families. Some local youths threatened them in connection with fishing at Hijaler math. We informed the police after we found their boat, fishing net, sandals and their clothes near Hijaler math.”

“There are several stab injuries on the bodies,” said Firoza Bibi.

A mob thrashed four local youths when police were taking them to the police station for questioning.

Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad, K Sabari Rajkumar said, “We are investigating the murders. So far we have detained eight people for questioning. Raids are on.”

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