150 Crore Spent To Defeat Me – Pawan Kalyan

In a shocking claim, Pawan Kalyan alleged that a whopping Rs 150 Crore has been spent by his political rivals to defeat him in Bhimavaram Assembly constituency. Pawan said he got to learn that his opponents have spent Rs 150 Crore to stop him entering into Legislative Assembly. Pawan has made these comments during his interaction with party workers, leaders in Janasena party office in Mangalagiri of Guntur district.

However, Pawan said that he respects the people’s mandate and said that one defeat can’t stop him or his political party. Pawan said he doesn’t accept defeat and will fight till he succeed.

Will Continue in Politics Till I Die

Pawan Kalyan has turned highly emotional and said he has dedicated his life to politics. “My life has been dedicated to people and politics. I will carry Janasena on my shoulders till my corpse is carried by four people on their shoulders,” said emotional Pawan. He said failure isn’t new to him. He said he will grow with each failure. Pawan said he has come into politics with a long vision for 25 years. He said he has tested himself on failures and added that he had founded political party only after gaining confidence on taking success and failure in stride. Pawan said many are citing reasons such as money power and EVM manipulations for failure. But he said he doesn’t care such reasons. Pawan said he would adopt wait and watch policy on Jagan’s administration and governance.

Pawan said, “Wherever there is a problem, Janasena party flag should be there. Wherever there is hunger, Janasena symbol should be seen there. He said Janasena should standby people and should give confidence to people that it is for them.” Pawan said his biggest victory is party’s true workers and loyalists. He said he has been asking party workers and leaders whether they would continue in Janasena or not. Pawan said their reply is that they would continue and that’s why they had come a long way. Pawan cited it as his biggest victory. Pawan said true colours of leaders will be known only in unfavourable conditions. “Only when we are in failure, we will know whether the opposite person is ours or not,” commented Pawan. Pawan said he would cater time to people separately. He said he would meet people more often than before.

Pawan has met the Janasena MLA candidates from Vizag, Nellore, Ongole at his office and discussed with them on the election pattern and the results. He asked them to go into people and asked everyone to strengthen the party. Pawan asked the party leaders to contest in Panchayat, ZP and Municipal elections.

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