11 booked after man takes life over quarrel with neighbour

The Mora police have booked 11 people for abetment after a man took his life, leaving a suicide note on a WhatsApp group.

Arvind Damodar Patil (43), a resident of Kegao in Uran committed suicide in the wee hours of November 25. Before taking the extreme step, Patil had sent a suicide note on his friends’ group on WhatsApp, claiming that he was taking the extreme step due to torture and harassment by his neighbour Dilip Thakur and 10 of Mr. Thakur’s relatives.

Water woes

Following the incident, his wife Sarita Patil filed a complaint of abetment to suicide against Mr. Thakur and his relatives. In her complaint, she said their family had dug a soak pit behind their house for discharging waste water. Three months ago, Mr. Thakur purchased the land behind Patil’s house. He then started abusing and harassing Patil, saying that the waste water from the soak pit used to enter his land.

Ms. Patil, in her complaint, said the water that entered Mr. Thakur’s land was rainwater and without understanding that, he would always pick up fights with her husband. Patil had taken up the issue with Kegaon gram panchayat and the committee of the village temple as well. However, in both the meetings, Mr. Thakur continued to abuse Patil and no solution was found.

Shocking incident

On November 22, when Patil’s mother was alone at home, Mr. Thakur and his relatives went to their house and hurled abuses at her. When Patil learnt about the incident, he was taken aback and disturbed. He then approached the police, who visited the neighbourhood and asked both families to live in peace.

“The series of incidents disturbed him a lot and finally he took the extreme step. All the accused have been granted interim bail till December 9, hence no one has been arrested yet,” senior police inspector Sandeepan Shinde said.

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