10.34% of those who failed did not clear six subjects

Analysis shows most students had failed in only one subject

The Department of Public Instruction’s (DPI) analysis of the 2020 SSLC examination has revealed that 10.34% of candidates who failed did not clear all six subjects .

The maximum percentage of students had failed in only one subject – 26.37% — while 24.1% have failed in two subjects. As much as 18.16% of them failed in three subjects, 12.13% in four or more subjects, and 8.9% failed in five or more subjects.

Following this analysis, the department has asked all headmasters that the SSLC pass percentage this year should be better. “We have told the Block Education Officers and the Deputy Directors of Public Instruction to ensure that they reach out to heads of all schools and ensure that they work hard this year to improve the pass percentage,” an official said.

H.K. Manjunath, president, High School Assistant Masters’ Association, said that the senior officials at various meetings had told teachers that they should work hard to ensure that no student is left behind and they get all the necessary help they can.

However, principals of many schools are anxious that they might not meet the target owing to COVID-19.

A government teacher who teaches standard X students in north Bengaluru said that it will be impossible to get good results as they have conducted only three months of offline classes.

Rohit S., a standard X student, said that many of his classmates did not have access to online classes. “We are trying to pick up lessons during the online classes, but we still haven’t picked up all the lessons. Even though 30 % of the portions are cut, we still have a long way to go to learn all the lessons,” he said.

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