₹1.41-crore conservation lab inaugurated at museum

State-of-the-art facility to protect Ravi Varma paintings, cultural heritage

Minister for Museums Ahammad Devarkovil inaugurated a conservation lab at the museum here on Thursday for protecting the State’s cultural heritage and Raja Ravi Varma paintings.

Mr. Devarkovil said steps had to be taken to conserve Ravi Varma’s paintings and sketches to be exhibited at a new art gallery that would be completed by the end of the year. The paintings would be given priority and their chemical conservation would be taken up by the museum conservation laboratory.

Third in country

The laboratory, set up at ₹1.41 crore, is the third such state-of-the-art facility in the country. Conservation of paintings at the art galleries in the museum and those available with individuals would be done at the lab, the Minister said.

The lab will help conserve nearly 1,100 invaluable paintings in the possession of the Museum Department. The lab has been equipped with a photo documentation room, suction table, stereo microscope and other modern equipment.

V.K. Prasanth, MLA, presided.

Museum Additional Chief Secretary V. Venu delivered the introductory address. Museum authorities and members of the technical committee set up to advise on conservation also spoke.

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