World Heart Day celebrated at KIMS

A minor disruption in any of the the three main aspects of health – physical, mental and social – could deteriorate an individual’s well-being, said KIMS Hospitals Managing Director and Senior CT Surgeon B. Bhaskar Rao.

Delivering the keynote address at the World Heart Day celebrations, organised by the Kurnool Heart Foundation and the Kurnool Government General Hospital at the Sunayana Auditorium at District Collectorate here on Sunday, Dr. Rao said people had been ‘buying diseases’, except for genetic ones, owing to disruptions in health due to bad choices made by them.

“There is a close association between health and finance. The lifespan among people varies. While some live for 70 to 80 years others die earlier earlier. All of it depends on the way you live your life,” he said.

Healthy way of life

Dr. Rao further said exercising, getting enough rest and sleep, having nutritious food and cutting down drinking and smoking could contribute to the well being on an individual. “People have become over-ambitious and expect the same from their children. The eventual stress, which gets multiplied over time, manifests in the individual and leads to myriad diseases,” he added.

Dr. Rao said, “For many people, a trip to hospital changes their economic condition, for instance, from being part of the upper class to the middle class. However, for an insured person, any doubt regarding his health is clarified, owing to free medical services offered by the insurer. Disease can also be tackled at an early stage.” There was a misconception about health insurance schemes as being costly, Dr. Rao said, adding that though people were ready to insure vehicles, travel and houses, they were reluctant to spend on themselves. At the event, Mr. Rao was presented the ‘Outstanding Person of the Year’ award.

MP T.G. Venkatesh, Kurnool MP Butta Renuka, MLA S.V. Mohan Reddy, District Collector S. Satyanarayana and Government General Hospital Superintendent P. Chandrasekhar were present.

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