Women on CR’s Mumbai locals can talk to the guard directly from compartments during emergency

Women commuters travelling on all locals on the Central Railway (CR) line will be able to communicate directly with the train’s guard from December 2021 in case of an emergency.

The prototypes of the talk back system are installed on two local trains. After its trials on two trains, CR has begun installing the emergency talk back system inside the ladies’ compartment and plans to introduce it on all of its 127 trains over the next 12 months. The decision on installing the system in other compartments will be taken after the ongoing trials.

“Fifteen emergency talk back systems will be installed in the five ladies’ compartments in each of the 12-compartment locals and 127 trains will be equipped with the emergency systems,” said Shivaji Sutar, chief public relations officer, CR.

The emergency talk back system enables passengers to talk directly to the guard of the train by pushing a talk button in case of an emergency. On activating the button, the guard is alerted with audio-visual signals in his cabin. The talk back systems will be placed near the doors of the ladies’ compartments. The system has an in-built microphone, speaker and a push button. It can also facilitate multiple calls from different passengers in different compartments and can automatically reset after 120 seconds.

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