Woman murdered by father-in-law after argument over bulb in Paharganj

A 65-year-old man allegedly murdered his daughter-in-law by slitting her throat following an argument over an increase in electricity bill and the removal of a light bulb at their home in central Delhi’s Paharganj Monday night, police said.

Police said after killing woman, the elderly man, identified as Bhagat Ram, walked to a nearby police post where he confessed to the crime and surrendered. He was arrested and booked for murder after the police visited the house and found the body of his daughter-in-law Neeraj Devi,33.

“Ram told us that Neeraj Devi often picked fights with him and his wife, Hukum Devi, for the past some years as she had some disagreements with her husband, Darshan,” a police officer, associated with the case, said.

Ram alleged that Neeraj Devi, in order to trouble her in-laws, would remove light bulbs from the staircase, kitchen and bathroom. He said she did this because a couple of days ago, he had pointed out that the last month’s electricity bill of ₹6,000, was considerably higher than the previous months, the police said.

The dead woman’s family members, on the other hand, accused her in-laws of domestic violence and harassment.

Police said on Monday around 10pm, an argument broke out between Ram and Neeraj Devi over a bulb near the staircase.

Later, when Ram was having dinner with his wife, Neeraj Devi insisted on having dinner with them. A fight broke out
when Ram refused to have dinner with her.

During the melee, the officer said Neeraj Devi allegedly picked up a kitchen knife. Ram told the police that to avoid any untoward incident, he tried snatching the knife from her, but in the process, he ended up slitting her throat.

“We are trying to verify the sequence of events. Ram’s wife is also being questioned,” the officer said.

Police said Neeraj Devi was staying with her in-laws and 10-year-old son at their Paharganj’s Chuna Mandi home while her husband, Darshan, has been living separately since the last seven years.

First Published:
Jun 26, 2019 05:24 IST

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