When Yamraj hit the road in Vijayapura

Yamraj, the god of death in Hindu mythology, had come with his assistant Chitragupta to Vijayapura to educate people on the importance of wearing helmet.

Shakti Kumar, a theatre artiste, and one of the assistants dressed up as Yamraj and Chitragupta respectively, held a street show near the Central Bus Stand on Tuesday to tell two-wheeler riders why they should wear helmet.

Mr. Kumar was seen catching helmet-less riders and putting a rope around their neck to indicate that they are inviting death by not wearing a helmet.

He made the riders apologise to the traffic police for failing to wear a helmet. He also made them promise that they would not violate the Government Order of wearing helmet while riding.

The event was organised by the district police as part of an awareness drive.

Prakash Nikam, Superintendent of Police, told reporters that awareness was being created to prevent fatal accidents involving helmet-less two-wheeler riders.

He said though the police had been booking cases and slapping fines, many riders were still reluctant to wear helmet.

“We can do our best to force people to wear helmet by imposing fine, but they should also realise that wearing helmet will save their life. If they understand it and wear helmet, then there is no need for the police to book cases or hold awareness rallies,” he said.

On the common excuse of hot weather, especially in summer, given by some people for not wearing helmet, Mr. Nikam said States such as Delhi and Rajasthan experience harsher weather, yet the government had made wearing helmet mandatory.

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