Wellness can improve competitiveness, says CII chief

N. Muthukumar, Chairman, CII Karnataka, on Thursday said India is the sixth largest economy in the world and by 2025 it will be the third largest in the world. “India’s economy is no more competitive. Our productivity is just one-third of China’s. Hence, if we want to be good, we have to make sure how to balance work. Wellness is one among the solutions for improving our competitiveness,” he suggested.

He was speaking at a Corporate Wellness Conference on the theme ‘Wellness and Wellbeing for Happy Workplace’, organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry here on Thursday

Various dimensions

Arjun Ranga, Chairman, CII Mysuru, said wellness is actually a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. Almost 67 per cent of companies were looking at various dimensions to address wellness. “NASA is looking at all dimensions of wellness. It ensures not only wellbeing of employees but also enables increased production and good environment in the organisation”.

KSMS Raghavarao, Director, CFTRI-CSIR, said a holistic approach towards health is important. He also spoke about the need for good food habits and change in lifestyle for the wellbeing of the people. Intake of nutritious and fresh foods should be on priority to maintain wellness, he advised.

Lakshminarayana Shenoy, Assistant Director, State Ayurveda Research Centre, Mysuru, spoke about various incentives from AYUSH available to industries.

During the day-long conference, there were sessions on ‘How to align your wellness programme to your business strategy and steps to implement corporate wellness programme’ and ‘Why and how employee wellbeing should be a long-term business strategy’.

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