Tackling touts: ‘click at sight’ orders given

Click at sight orders have been put in place at the Capital’s Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) and Motor Licensing Offices (MLOs) to identify, and prosecute, touts following surprise visits by Transport Commissioner Varsha Joshi to investigate the goings-on at two such facilities recently, government sources claimed on Saturday.

Ms. Joshi, during her field visits to the Dwarka and Janakpuri authorities here over the last fortnight, according to sources in the Transport Department, found touts and other “undesirable elements” proliferating at such facilities providing services directly to the public following which the orders were issued.

“The Transport Commissioner-cum-Secretary made two such visits recently and heard complaints from applicants for various services present there about rackets being operated by local touts,” said the source from the Transport Department.

Action promised

“Ms. Joshi, who spoke to several visitors who had the same complaint, then requested the general public to click pictures of touts operating at such facilities and promised immediate action after these are shared on a dedicated number; not just the two facilities she visited, action will be taken on such complaints being generated at any Transport facility in the city,” the source said.

According to source, Ms. Joshi has also directed that the number of facilitation desks, helping applicants with the paper work for their respective applications for various services, be increased as and when required at any departmental facility with a direct interface with the general public.

Help desks

In what another departmental source said was an attempt to gradually “ease them out of business”, the Transport Department has set up help desks to assist visitors with filling up paper work to be uploaded online — the most sought-after service provided by touts at such facilities — at “the same price and minus the hassle and apprehension” of the tout possibly making away with the “commission”.

Fee charged

The fee charged at the help desks ranges from Rs. 50 to Rs. 60, the latter in case the payment is being made online related to services being offered by them, which include applications for fresh drivers’ licenses, among a host of others.

Other services being provided at these RTOs include the issue of duplicate registration certificates and the transfer of vehicle ownership, the payment of road tax and fitness fees, allotment of fancy registration numbers, change of address in the registration certificate of a vehicle, and deletion in vehicle registration.

The Transport Commissioner-cum-Secretary made two visits to such facilities recently and heard complaints from applicants about rackets being operated by local touts for various services there

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