Stalin’s ode to appa

DMK working president M.K. Stalin, who always referred to his father as
(leader), on Tuesday night, sought permission to call him
(father) one last time.

Handwritten note

In a poignantly-worded handwritten note, he reminded the old-timers of the poem penned by Karunanidhi in praise of DMK founder C.N. Annadurai after the latter’s death, and asked: “I have addressed you more as a ‘leader’ and rarely called you
. Can I call you
for the last time?”

Mr. Stalin also recalled his speech in Tiruvarur on June 3, requesting his father to “loan his heart and energy” to complete his dreams and goals.

“Oh leader! Wherever you went, you used to tell us in advance. Why did you fail to inform me this time? You wanted us to write in your epitaph 33 years ago that ‘Here rests the man who worked without rest.’

Have you left us with the satisfaction of having worked for the Tamil society all these years?” he asked.

“You have spent 80 years in public life. Have you disappeared after placing a challenge before everyone to match the height scaled by you?” he further queried.

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