St Stephen’s College releases cut-offs for UG courses, Economics highest at 99.5%

This is 0.25 percentage points higher than last year. Science students will need 98.75% to apply for Economics.

St Stephen’s College Friday released its cut-off for undergraduate courses with Economics (Hons) seeing the highest cut-off (99.5%) for Commerce and Humanities students.Last year, Commerce students needed 99.25% and Humanities students needed 98.75% in the subject. Science students will need 98.75% to apply for Economics.

Commerce and Science students will also need 99% to be eligible for History, English, and BA Programme. For Humanities students, the cut-off in these subjects is 98.25%, 98.7% and 97.75% respectively. Last year too, Commerce students needed 99% in these three subjects, but the percentage for Humanities and Sciences varied a little.

In the Class XII CBSE board results this year, the percentage of those scoring above 95% has risen around two per cent this year. DU officials have said this will impact cut-offs which are likely to rise.

However, cut-offs released by the college Friday have shown no clear trend. Except Economics, the only other subject to see an increase in its cut-off for all streams of students is Maths. Its cut-off has increased for both Science and Commerce students from 98% last year to 98.5% this year, but the biggest jump is for students from Humanities background who wish to opt for Maths. They will now need 98% as opposed to 96.5% last year.

Sanskrit (Hons), the cut-off for which was 70% last year for Commerce and Science students and 65% for Humanities students, has decreased the cut-off for Commerce and Science students by 1% percent but has increased it by 4% for those from Humanities.

For all other subjects, the cut-off is either the same or has seen a marginal dip. For example, to do Philosophy (Hons), students from the Humanities background will need 98.75% this year, the same as last year. The cut-off of those from Commerce (98%) and Science (97%) also remains unchanged.

The PCM (physics, chemistry, and maths) percentage required for Physics (Hons) is the same as last year at 97.66%, but for Chemistry (Hons), there’s a marginal dip from 96.67% last year to 96.33% this year.

Cut-offs for B Sc Programme (Computer Science) and B Sc Programme (Chemistry) have also come down from 97.67% and 96.33% last year to 97% and 95.33% respectively.

Since it is a religious minority college, St Stephen’s reserves 50% seats for Christians and therefore has a separate admission process. Unlike most other DU colleges which admit students solely on the basis of cut-off, St Stephen’s evaluates students on the basis of their marks and an interview.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the College will hold its interviews online. The schedule for the interview is yet to be announced.

Cut-offs for the remaining DU colleges are expected to be out sometime during the first week of October, according to DU officials.

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