Spate of thefts adds to woes of city police

Further terrorising the trading community and adding to the troubles of the police, men in mask have yet again carried out a spate of thefts in the city.

The latest bout of thefts come less than a week after similar thefts were carried out in seven shops at Convent Junction. The thefts were carried out at Convent Junction and Jew Street on Tuesday between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.

Seven shops at Convent Junction, three at Jew Street and an electrical shop at Valanjabalam were targeted by the thieves this time. Cash worth Rs. 30,000, Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 11,000 were stolen from the three shops functioning out of Esplanade building at Convent Junction. Incidentally, theft attempts had been noticed near the shops that were looted last Tuesday.

Glass pane of a clothing company in the building had been smashed while a tailoring and embroidery shop was broken into by smashing its shutters. Theft attempts were made in two adjoining shops.

CCTV footage in the locality revealed that gang members wearing mask and shades had went on a rampage. Thieves split into groups mostly targeted shops without security personnel and surveillance cameras. They reportedly carried out the thefts after the police patrol in the area.

Meanwhile, the police claimed that investigation was under way into the series of thefts and that enough leads have been received about those behind them.

Efforts are on to install around 60 surveillance cameras in the locality.

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