Signature campaign for road safety

The police have found a solution to congestion at Vani Vilas junction on Palani Road and Kallarai Medu junction on Tiruchi Road by regulating parking of vehicles.

Specific space has been provided in the entire stretch for parking two-wheelers. The regulation has not only spared people from traffic snarls but also provided wider carriage way after doing away with haphazard parking.

The traffic police have laid ropes to mark the parking space for two-wheelers along the commercial area. Superintendent of Police, R. Sakthivel, inspected the new facility.

A signature campaign on road safety was carried out on the occasion. A huge flex board with traffic safety rules like importance of wearing helmets by both rider and pillion rider and importance of use of seat belt by four-wheeler drivers and passengers, written on it, was taken around in a vehicle. Road users came forward to sign the board as a pledge to follow traffic and safety rules.

The awareness programme highlighted the need to avoid talking on mobile phones while riding or driving and not to drink and drive. The police gave away helmets to some two-wheeler riders as part of safety campaign. The campaign was organised by the Traffic Inspector, C.S. Prakash Kumar. Inspector of Police (Dindigul West), Kumaresan, was present.

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