Pune: Cab driver cheated of Rs 1 lakh by 3 persons in exchange for ‘US dollars’

Meanwhile, a 30-year-old businessman was cheated of Rs 6 lakh by online fraudsters who promised to deliver him 140 televisions sets at a lower price. An FIR in the case was registered at Bibvewadi police station.

A 60-year-old cab driver was recently cheated of Rs 1 lakh by three persons, including a woman, who promised to give him US dollars at a lower price but instead handed over a bundle of newspaper pieces. An FIR in this case has been registered at Dattawadi police station.

A few days ago, the cab driver, who carries passengers between Pune and Mumbai, was approached by a person who said he had some foreign currency notes that he wanted to get exchanged for Indian currency. The driver, who was unsure of what the currency was, sent his daughter a photo of the note that the person had with him. The daughter confirmed that it was a US dollar. The person took the complainant’s phone number at the time.

The complainant then got a call from the same person, who gave him a 20 dollar bill in return for Rs 500. When the driver went to get the currency exchanged, he got at least Rs 1,500 for it. The suspect later told him that his sister, who had been working in the US, has more foreign currency and was interested in getting in converted. The suspects asked the complainant to give them Rs 5 lakh and in return, promised to give him foreign currency of much higher value. The complainant agreed to give them Rs 1 lakh. On Monday afternoon, the suspects called the complainant to a spot near Nilayam Bridge, took Rs 1 lakh from him and left after handing over a bundle. The complainant later found out that the bundle contained pieces of newspapers, after which he approached the police.

30-year-old businessman cheated of Rs 6 lakh

A 30-year-old businessman was cheated of Rs 6 lakh by online fraudsters who promised to deliver him 140 televisions sets at a lower price. An FIR in the case was registered recently at Bibvewadi police station.

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A police officer said the complainant had received a bulk order for the supply of 32-inch television sets, after which he had put out an online post inquiring about bulk suppliers for televisions sets of a particular specification. The online fraudsters contacted him in the fourth week of January this year. The suspects sent the complainant a letter via phone messenger, which showed the company name, GST number and other details and specifics of the order.

The complainant was asked to pay money, which he did by transferring Rs 6 lakh to a bank account in two instalments of Rs 1 lakh and Rs 5 lakh. The complainant realised he had been cheated after the persons he was in contact with could no longer be reached on the phone. The police has launched a probe in the case.

Men arrested for ‘stealing dumper trucks, selling them to scrap dealers’

The Pimpri-Chinchwad police recently busted a gang of thieves which had been involved in thefts of dumper trucks.
A team from the Hinjewadi police station was probing a case of a dumper truck, which had been stolen from outside a hotel in Bavdhan on March 22. The probe team later received information that a dumper truck was stolen in the same manner from Warje Malwadi.

When the owner of the truck stolen from Warje Malwadi was contacted, it came to light that the vehicle had a GPS tracker with the help of which the police found a scrap dealer in Kudalwadi, where the truck had been taken. When the police reached the scrap dealer’s property, they found that a dumper truck was being dismantled. The scrap dealer, Akram Shaikh, was detained.

Shaikh’s interrogation led the police to three suspects who had been supplying him stolen dumper trucks. The police then arrested Mahesh Phad (23), Siddappa Basappa Dhotre (27) and a search has been launched for Rajesh Nagapure.

The police have revealed that the suspects have stolen six dumpers till now in the same manner from Alankar, Lonikand and Bharti Vidyapeeth in addition to those from Hinjewadi and Warje Malwadi.

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