Prominent jeweller Milind Marathe succumbs to bullet injuries in Pune

Prominent jeweller Milind Marathe alias Balwant (60) succumbed to bullet injuries after he had shot himself on December 16.

Marathe who had been admitted to a private hospital passed away early Sunday morning.

Marathe had shot himself with a licensed gun and had informed the police about it at the time of his admission to the hospital.

Marathe was the scion of Marathe Jewellers, a prominent jewellery shop, located on Laxmi road and was a resident of Shivajinagar.

The incident occurred at 8pm on December 16 while he was in his office, which is located inside the jewellery shop. At the time of the incident, the shop was shut at 7.30pm and Marathe was alone in his office.

The preliminary investigation done by Vishrambaug police found that Marathe was facing financial problems. After shooting himself, Marathe called his wife Meena on the phone and informed her about the incident. Meena had called their son Pranav, who alerted the police.

Vijay Tikole , incharge, Vishrambaug police station, said that the statements of his wife and son have been recorded. “Both the family members informed in their statements that he was disturbed over financial problems which resulted due to the lockdown,” said Tikole.

A case has been lodged and the pistol has been seized for further investigation.

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