Prime suspect cooked up stories to win trust of his employer couple

Rinku told his employers that he had traced his parents, who had abandoned him in the orphanage and wanted to assist them financially.

RINKU, 27, prime suspect behind the theft of Rs 7 lakh and gold from a house in Sector 19, had cooked up many stories for winning the trust of his employer couple in the last around 13 years. Rinku was adopted by his employers for their daily chores finding him as an escapee from a Gujarat-based orphanage in 2007.

Later, Rinku told his employers that he had traced his parents, who had abandoned him in the orphanage and wanted to assist them financially. The couple helped him a lot. After two years, Rinku expressed his desire to get married and returned with a bride in 2017.

Dr Rajesh Rana said, “I found him at a public canteen around 15 years back. At that time, Rinku was around 12 years old. He told me that he escaped from an orphanage in Gujarat and reached Chandigarh after working at many places, including Delhi, Ludhiana, Ferozepur and Ambala. I found him very obedient. His then employer, the canteen owner, was so impressed with him that he allowed Rinku to look after the cashbox. My wife and I decided to hire him as our domestic servant. He agreed and started staying with us at our house, which was then at Naya Gaon.”

“I enrolled him in matriculation and even arranged a security guard duty for him through a private company at Civil Hospital, Mani Majra. A few years back, he expressed his desire to revisit his orphanage to trace his parents. I allowed him to go and handed him over a handsome amount of money.
After a few days, I received a call from him claiming that he traced his parents to Palanpur in Gujarat.
He informed me that his family is from a minority community. He shared many pictures of his parents, three sisters with us over the phone. He expressed his desire to get married. Shortly, Rinku along with his wife was at my doorstep in Chandigarh. But within a few months, the couple strained their relations and his wife got pregnant. Later, she gave birth to a daughter,” Dr Rajesh Rana, a physician at Mani Manjra Civil Hospital, added.

Dr Rana said that though Rinku had started staying separately after his marriage, “we called them occasionally for daily chores. He was like our family member”. The couple had also assisted him financially in the marriage of one of his younger sisters. Police said Rinku has been absconding since September 25. Dr Rana’s wife, Shelly, noticed that Rs 7 lakh, three gold rings, two passbooks of a FD Rs 1.50 lakh were stolen. Rinku had left the house claiming he is going to meet some of his friends.
DSP Gurmukh Singh said, “Two teams have been constituted for nabbing Rinku. Dr Rajesh Rana had gone to attend a conference in Goa when the theft happened.” A case was filed at PS19

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