Pejawar seer too appeals to Subrahmanya seer on fast

Appealing to the Subrahmanya Mutt seer Vidyaprasanna Tirtha to end his fast, the seer of Udupi Pejawar Mutt Vishwesha Tirtha said on Sunday that he would visit the Subrahmanya Mutt after Navaratri to sort out the differences of opinion between the mutt and the Kukke Subrahmanya temple managed by the government.

Speaking to reporters in Udupi, the Pejawar seer said if possible he would visit Kukke Subrahmanya on Tuesday itself. He said that certain sections of the society have been indulging in unnecessary campaign against the mutt for it conducting the sarpa samskara ritual in addition to the one being conducted by the temple. The campaign is not correct. It has pained Vidyaprasanna Tirtha.

The Pejawar seer said the choice of venue to conduct the sarpa samskara whether in the temple or in the mutt is left to devotees. If the mutt conducted the sarpa samskara separately it would not harm the society in any way. It should be allowed to be performed in the mutt.

The asta mutt seers would not support the opposition for the mutt conducting the sarpa samskara, he said.

In this background, the seers of all eight mutts in Udupi would support the fast by Subrahmanya seer.

But both the mutt and the temple authorities should cooperate to end the issues. Any government should not interfere in the affairs of the mutt, he said.

Palimaru Mutt seer Vidyadeesha Tirtha who is the present paryaya seer, the Sode Mutt seer Vishwavallabha Tirtha and Kaniyoor Mutt seer Vidyavallabha Tirtha were present.

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