Parking plaza project at Kidson Corner faces a legal hurdle

The Kozhikode Corporation’s plan to reconstruct the building at Kidson Corner (S.K. Square) at the mouth of S.M. Street in the city, is facing a stumbling block in the form of the Kerala Municipal Building Rules (KMBR).

The corporation had asked architect A.K. Prashanth to come up with a plan, which was approved by the Corporation Council. The plan depicts a four-storey building with commercial establishments in the ground floor while the upper floors are for vehicle parking. It will have an automated multi-level parking system with a capacity of 280 cars.

However, the plan has a minor drawback in that it has not left 5 metres of open space on all sides of the building. The plot, which is being considered for the parking plaza, is of 22.7 cents in area. The assistant engineer (projects) of the corporation has reported to the council that it was impossible to follow the rule considering the small plot.

At present, three sides of the plot are roads while the fourth side is a public property. Hence, 5 metre open space is unavailable only on that one side. Hence, the corporation has requested the State government to allow a relaxation of the KMBR 563 (A) rule, considering the importance of the project.

“We will start the tender proceedings for the building only after the government approval”, said M.C. Anil Kumar, Town Planning Standing Committee Chairperson of the corporation.

The parking plaza at Kidson Corner has been a long-pending demand of the public, as there is no specific parking facility near S.M. Street and Mananchira.

We will start the tender proceedings for the building only after the government approval

M.C. Anil Kumar

Town Planning Standing

Committee Chairperson

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