Orphanage in Karnal struggles to feed kids due to lockdown

A government shelter in Karnal is struggling to feed around 100 orphans in its charge due to the ongoing lockdown to check the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).

The orphanage, MDD Bal Bhawan, largely relies on charity to provide food, shelter and education to children. However, it facing a shortage as people from outside are not allowed to enter the Bhawan due to lockdown.

Founder and general secretary Dr PR Nath said, “At present, we have 100 children, including 49 girls. Our per day expenditure is around ₹10,000. But now donors unable to reach us and we are facing trouble arranging ration for the children. Though, there is a facility of online transactions for donation but most of our donors do not prefer using it,” he added.

The government pays ₹200 per child per month but this year the bhawan has not received the complete grant. “We only received ₹10 lakh from the government two days ago. However, it was not sufficient as we had to clear dues worth ₹7.50 lakh,” he said adding, “The orphanage largely depends on donation and it would be difficult for us to feed the children without it.”

He said the government should allow donors to reach the Bal Bhawan and the government should also make more payments to orphanages in the state at this time of crises.

Karnal deputy commissioner Nishant Yadav said, “I have deputed some officials.They will ensure that they get the required essential items without delay.”

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