NSUI holds rally against Centre’s policies

The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) on Wednesday organised a ‘Chhatra Aakrosh Rally’ from Mandi House to Parliament Street to protest against the Central government’s education policies and lack of job opportunities for the youth.

Students affiliated to the NSUI from several States gathered in the Capital for the rally and voiced the problems they were facing. The rally was stopped before it could reach Parliament House. The police used crowd-control measures to ensure the students stayed behind the barricade.

Favouring RSS members

NSUI workers claimed the Modi government was denying students quality and affordable education with repeated fee hikes. They accused them of favouring members of the RSS while appointing Vice-Chancellors or faculty members. They also complained about how young graduates across the country were finding themselves excluded from productive participation in the economy due to lack of jobs.

National campaign

They also raised concerns over growing hatred, violence and mob justice across the country, “instigated” by the RSS and its affiliates.

NSUI national president Fairoz Khan said, “The NSUI, having raised its voice against this failed government, will now launch a national campaign to draft the youth agenda for the future of India.”

Ruchi Gupta, AICC joint secretary and NSUI national incharge, said each NSUI worker present at the rally represented the disappointment and aspirations of students and youth across India. “NSUI will rise not just in opposition to the anti-youth policies of the BJP but will play a constructive role in national politics,” she said.

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