NGO releases ‘report card’ on MLAs

The third MLA ‘report card’ released by NGO Praja Foundation stated that 26% of MLAs raised five or fewer issues in the Delhi Assembly between March 2017 and January 2018.

This was down from 30% in 2017 and 32% in 2016. The data is based on RTIs filed by the NGO with the Vidhan Sabha.

Multiple parameters

In total, 1,032 issues were raised in the Assembly, from 926 issues in 2017 and 951 issues in 2016, the report stated.

The report card has given scores and grades to MLAs based on multiple parameters.

These include data from RTIs filed with the Delhi government and police after a perception survey of up to 28,624 people.

It was conducted by a survey organisation, Hansa Research.

A press release by the NGO stated that 32 MLAs had criminal records against them as of 31 December 2017, compared to only nine MLAs who had the same registered against them in 2015.

Director of the foundation Milind Mhaske said 19 cases against AAP representative that had been dismissed were not reflected in the report as it only covered data up till December 2017.

Students failed

Founder of the NGO Nital Mehta said: “The number of complaints of no water supply rose from 34,554 in 2015 to 52,100 in 2017. Additionally, the performance of students in 2016-2017 CBSE exams in Class X and Class XII was only possible because nearly 43% of the students in Class IX and 26% of Class XI students failed in 2015-16 in State government schools to achieve these results.”

The number of complaints of no water supply rose from 34,554 in 2015 to 52,100 in 2017

Milind Mhaske

Founder of Praja Foundation

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