NDMC plans to launch websites for schools

The NDMC has yet to award the tender, and the target for the launch of the website is June 30.

The New Delhi Municipal Council’s (NDMC) education department plans to launch websites for the 45 schools under its ambit which shall integrate the online classrooms, results, and tests, and also provide a platform for teacher and parents to keep tab on students.

The council is also planning to distribute tablets to the fresh batch of students promoted to Class 10 and 12, like it did the previous year.

This year’s budget mentioned the launch of websites for the school students of all classes of the NDMC, which shall work as an online classroom and a forum for discussion. In its 45 NDMC and Navyug schools, around 40,000 school children attend classes.

“Many private schools such as Sanskriti School or others have their own website, where assignments and work are uploaded, results are displayed. These individual 45 websites for the 45 NDMC and Navyug schools shall function in a similar manner, connected to Google Classroom service. Such platforms are being used by various private colleges to hold online examinations as well.”

An RFID card shall also be provided to the students, which the student shall scan to mark attendance at the school after they reopen in the future.

The platform’s main purpose is to track the activity of the students and the teachers, said Singh. “This will function as one platform to track all activities — attendance, assignments, examinations, results, classes — and it can also be used to organise parent-teacher-meetings. This is important during the pandemic so that students’ progress is monitored, and teachers and parents remain connected. Currently, teachers are not able to check how many students are actually studying,” he said.

The NDMC has yet to award the tender, and the target for the launch of the website is June 30.

The sanctioned budget for the creation of the websites, which shall be connected to NDMC’s education website, is around Rs 20-25 lakh, though its per month maintenance cost is around Rs 2 lakh, said Singh.

Last year, the NDMC distributed tablets worth Rs 1.6 crore manufactured by Lenovo to 811 students in Class 10th and 12th in four schools, and has also continued the DBT of Rs 200 per month to students to afford internet data plans.

“We are going to give tablets to around 3,600 students in Class 10 and 12 and the sanctioned cost for this will be around Rs 20 crore,” he said.

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