NCP’s star campaigner: After Pawar, it’s Amol Kolhe

PUNE: One of the three Lok Sabha MPs of the NCP from Maharashtra, the newly-elected Marathi actor and medical doctor Amol Kolhe has emerged as a major crowd puller for the party.

So much so that he has become a star campaigner for the NCP, next to party president Sharad Pawar himself in the 2019 state assembly elections, campaigning for which ends on Saturday.

Kolhe scored a dramatic victory from Shirur after defeating Shiv Sena’s MP of three terms, Shivajirao Adhalrao Patil, and has been drawing huge crowds wherever he goes in the state.

A popular face on Marathi television, he is seen as someone with good oratory skills, a dynamic personality, command over the Marathi language and its dialects and powerful voice modulations skills.

His down-to-earth, pleasant interactions with one and all have also endeared him to the masses. Notably, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised his maiden speech in parliament.

‘Selfie with Kolhe’ is a popular part of his rallies where he willingly obliges anyone who wants to take a selfie with him while on the campaign trail.

He never disappoints people waiting for him by the roadside; gets down from his vehicle and greets them, take a selfie with them.

When ecstatic young women ask for a selfie with him, he promptly holds the camera phone for a picture with them.

Immensely popular with the youth, he tells them of a few “selfie techniques” for better pictures.

“I feel very guilty when I pass by a crowd without meeting them. After all, they have been waiting for me for such a long time,” he said of why he stops by and greets people on his campaign trail.

Kolhe is also seen as a perfect gentleman, showing respect to the elderly and women, unhesitatingly bowing before them to seek their blessings.

During his hectic campaigning for NCP candidates in Pune city and district, Kolhe was seen taking care of his diet with an emphasis on fruits and dry fruits stocked in his vehicle.

When he decides to take a nap, his friends and fellow passengers ensure that there is peace and quiet to help him rest till the next stop, said his close friend, Rohit Kharge.

“One of the reasons for his popularity is that he listens to everyone with patience,” said, Tejas Zodge, one of Kolhe’s fan followers. His senior party workers credited him with his pleasant personality as the reason for his immense popularity.

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