Naidu intensifies attack on TRS

Stating that he was being targeted by TRS unnecessarily, Mr. Naidu told the gathering that he would not come here (Telangana) and become Chief Minister. Alleging that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was threatening all those who were opposing his undemocratic attitude from Delhi, Mr. Naidu said same thing was being done here by “Chinna Modi” (KCR). He cautioned Muslims against supporting TRS stating that vote to TRS would be a vote for BJP.

The TDP chief has justified his party’s alliance with Congress by terming it as a “historical necessity” to protect democracy in the country and said closing of the ranks by Congress and TDP supporters would not have been a reality otherwise. Stating that there were only two fronts in the country – one is BJP and other against it – Mr. Naidu asked TRS as to on which side it would be.

Referring to the TRS allegation against him on irrigation projects, Mr. Naidu said Telangana was an upper riparian State while AP was lower riparian and water would flow from Telangana to AP. “If anybody who can stop water flow to Telugu States, it is Karnataka and Maharashtra”, Mr. Naidu said without going into the specific allegations of TRS. He claimed that it was he who had taken up Kalwakurthy, Nettempadu, Bhima, Koilsagar, Devadula and other projects.

Asking the people to support TDP candidate from Serilingampally Venigalla Anand Prasad for development, he also urged them to defeat Arikepudi Gandhi, now TRS candidate, who won on TDP ticket last time and switched his loyalties. In his response to TRS’ poser as to what stakes does TDP have here Mr. Naidu asked, where was KCR without TDP.

Further, he also asked voters to be cautious about electronic voting machines (EVMs) as they could be manipulated.

He suggested them to see whether their choice is registered properly in VVPATs.

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