Mumbai: In another KYC fraud, cheat poses as Vodafone executive to dupe man of Rs 2.97 lakh

The fraud took control of the complainant's phone using a remote-access application and obtained bank details to transfer out the money, adding to a growing list of KYC frauds in the city.

Adding to a swelling list of KYC cyber-frauds, a 58-year-old man working as manager in a private company was duped of Rs 2.97 lakh by a fraudster who impersonated as a Vodafone executive and stole his banking details using a mobile remote access application by asking him to install it on the pretext of updating his KYC (know your customer) form. An FIR has been registered with the Andheri police station.

The complainant told the police that he works as an administrative manager in a private company at Andheri (East). The cheating incident took place on August 17 when he was at work. In the morning, his wife received an SMS on her mobile number which asked them to call customer care within 48 hours as the KYC details had “expired”.

The complainant called on the number in the afternoon and the fraudster posing as a Vodafone executive asked him to download QuickSupport, an application that enables one to remotely access, control, and view your computer or mobile devices for fast troubleshooting, as part of the KYC procedure.

The complainant installed the application and gave the fraudster access to his mobile phone activities. The fraudster then tricked him into making a small payment and ended up obtaining his bank details. Within minutes, the fraudster withdrew Rs 2.97 lakh in multiple transactions.

Previous incidents of KYC frauds

August 16: A cyber fraudster impersonating as an Airtel executive called up an Airtel customer working in Fort area and on the pretext of updating his KYC form tricked him into revealing his bank details using a software and transferred Rs 4.83 lakh from his bank account.

August 15: The Khar police recovered Rs 5 lakh of a 70-year-old doctor who was tricked into revealing his SBI bank account details by a woman fraudster who posed as a bank executive and obtained details to transfer out money.

August 04: A 72-year-old retired man was duped of Rs 4 lakh in an online cyberfraud where the fraudster impersonated an executive from a mobile network service provider and stole his banking details on the pretext of helping him to fill up KYC form. The cheat used the banking details to transfer the money from his account. The senior citizen approached the Mahim police station who registered an FIR on August 4.

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