MTC collects Rs. 20 lakh in fines

The number of passengers travelling without tickets in Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) buses has been increasing steadily during the past three months.

The large number of ticket-less travellers has resulted in the MTC raking in fines to the tune of nearly Rs. 20 lakh.

A senior official of the MTC said that since the bus fare hike was announced in January, the number of persons travelling without tickets has also seen an increase.

He said during the three months starting from July, special ticket squads were formed to spot ticketless travellers.

During the special drive, a total of Rs. 19.20 lakh was collected from the offenders.

The official said during September, the squad identified 3,700 persons and collected Rs. 6.78 lakh as fine; in August 4,082 passengers were caught and Rs. 6.74 lakh was collected; and in July, the total amount collected was Rs. 5.67 lakh from 3,575 persons.

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