‘MPs were detained to maintain peace’

Mr. Rajnath Singh informed the House that the State government took the steps for maintenance of peace in view of media reports and intelligence inputs of possible trouble.

Earlier, Mr. Banerjee raised the matter at Zero Hour amid jeers from ruling party MPs.

He informed the House that MPs Sukhendu Sekhar Ray, Ratna De Nag, Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, Nadeem Ul Haque, Arpita Ghosh and Mamata Thakur, along with two West Bengal MLAs, were part of the delegation, and sought to know whether their detention and manhandling was not an undeclared emergency.

“They were manhandled by the police. Every channel has said this,” he said, adding that a privilege notice had already been given.

As some BJP MPs interrupted, he said, “Yes, the election is coming. Are you afraid? Are you nervous that you are detaining MPs?”

He rued that no action had been taken till now and underlined the fact that there was no injunction of the Supreme Court against holding any public meeting.

The BJP’s Assam MP Bijoya Chakravarty said that it was not a Bengali-Assamese issue and hit out at West Bengal Chief Minister Manata Banerjee’s statement that the NRC would lead to a civil war. “They want to destroy Assam’s peace,” she said, thanking the SC for the publication of the NRC.

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