Maximum road deaths in Bengaluru are reported on Sundays

In 2020, Bengaluru city reported 657 deaths due to road accidents, of which 109 fatal accidents were reported on Sundays alone.

Despite weekend lockdowns owing to the Covid-19 pandemic being in force for the greater part of last year, Bengaluru city reported a higher number of deaths and accidents on Sundays.

Like the rest of the country, the city was under lockdown from the last week of March to the first week of June in 2020. Thereafter, the state government enforced weekend lockdowns for a few more months.

In 2020, Bengaluru city reported 657 deaths due to road accidents, of which 109 fatal accidents were reported on Sundays alone. While the number of deaths due to road accidents has come down compared to 2019 (832 deaths) and 2018 (870 deaths), officials attribute the development to the Covid-19 lockdown and associated curbs. Even in previous years, Sundays reported more road accidents compared to other days of the week. While Saturdays recorded fewer fatalities.

Speaking to the, joint commissioner of police (traffic) BR Ravikanthe Gowda said, “Many people who come to Bengaluru during weekends are in a hurry to return to their places on Sundays, leading to a higher number of road accidents. Notably, most mishaps reported on Sundays result from speeding.”

Asked whether lockdown reduced the number of road accidents, Gowda said: “It might have been a factor but the enforcement of laws has played a vital role in reducing the numbers.”

Nightmare for pedestrians

In 2020, 164 pedestrians died in the city due to road accidents, but what continues to be a major concern is that many of the victims lost their lives despite adhering to traffic rules. At least 82 persons died even when they were standing in areas designated for pedestrians. Nearly 332 two-wheeler riders also died in road mishaps.

The data revealed that 189 persons in the 21-30 age group died in road accidents in 2020. Whereas 101 persons aged between 41-50 and 73 persons between 51-60 years lost their lives. Fifty-five persons in the age group of 11-20 also perished in road accidents.

Of the 655 persons accused in road accidents, 438 were in the 21-40 age group. These included 273 self-accidents. Only 17 persons above 61 years were accused of road accidents.

The data also revealed that 51 per cent of accident victims in 2020 died even before they could be taken to a hospital. While 162 persons died on the spot, another 177 persons died on their way to a hospital. Sadly, 308 persons succumbed to their injuries in hospital. The traffic police in its report said that passers-by often failed to respond adequately during the golden hour (the first hour after the accident) and in several instances were seen taking videos and photos of the accident sites and the victims.

Total deaths reported due to road accidents

2021 (till August 31)- 434

Accidents on days in 2020

Sunday- 109
Monday- 81
Tuesday – 95
Wednesday – 95
Thursday – 90
Friday -91
Saturday- 71

Timing of road accidents in 2020
225 persons died in road accidents between 9 pm and 6 am

12 midnight- 6 am: 110
6 am- 9 am: 61
9 am-12 noon: 70
12 noon -3 pm: 72
3 pm-6 pm: 95
6 pm-9 pm: 108
9 pm-12 midnight: 115
Timing of accident unknown: 1

Killer machines

On average, 162 persons in Bengaluru die due to self-accidents (2018,2019 and 2020 data).

Fatal accident statistics: 24 accidents were reported on the NICE corridor during 2020 and the same amount of deaths were reported in 2019 also. Eighteen accidents have occurred on flyovers in the city in 2020. One hundred and nineteen accidents were reported on national highways, 175 fatal accidents reported on main roads and 171 on crossroads.

Two hundred and fifty-three road accident victims in 2020 were employed in private firms, 182 were self-employed, 47 were students, 28 were government/on-contract employees.

Among the accused in fatal accidents, the highest share is of those who quit education after the 10th standard (189), followed by persons who have finished only primary education (127).

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