Malavika’s Mumbaistan: The Two Peas

“It’s from a book that I put together a few years ago,” said author Twinkle Khanna, about the photograph she had posted on social media, on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of her marriage to Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia aka Akshay Kumar that fell last week. The post had featured a photograph of a casually-dressed Khanna and Kumar schlepping hand-in-hand down a tree-lined street, with the words, ‘Why would I want a man just like me, What would I learn from him? What would he learn from me?’ with the heading, ‘Two Peas in a Pod died of inertia’.
“It’s very precious as there are only 5-6 copies printed-filled with pictures, anecdotes and all the letters that we have written to each other and to our children over the years,” she said, about the exclusive personal memoir that she had created for a few private eyes only. The couple, both stratospherically successful in their own rights, but perceived as being very different individuals, (one bookish, the other brawn-ish) had defined the opposites attract syndrome and hence, Khanna’s ‘two peas in the pod dying of boredom’ allusion. Since her anniversary, the consummate wordsmith had created a delightfully-piquant commentary on the state of the union, with a series of “What did your husband get you for your anniversary”, with the hashtag #18years. “Fortunately, he gave me 18 years of solid friendship, enough space so I could grow and somehow managed to hold my hand for a large part of the way. This is not the end. Apparently, we are just on page 120!” Twinkle had posted.

Five AM Rhyming

By any account, wellness guru and holistic health propagator Mickey Mehta’s story is an inspiring one. When we’d first met him in the mid-90s, Mehta was just beginning to be known in Mumbai with his ‘Learn Swimming in 24 hours’ programme, after having managed a series of five-star health clubs in India and abroad until then. From then, till now, when he has become a household name, a celebrated media personality, an unmistakable presence in his chosen field, the recipient of numerous awards and titles, and the founder of a vast empire that straddles radio, TV, print and other speaking engagements, Mehta’s success is testimony to the fruits that hard work, emotional intelligence and unwavering commitment bring. What’s more, he’s managed to remain warm, thoughtful and humble in spite of his worldly successes. Last week saw Mehta, who counts amongst his list of personal clients – some of the country’s most famous individuals – accompany Union Minster for textiles Smriti Irani and husband Zubin Irani on a visit to the on-going Kumbh Mela. “They are my wife’s relation and close friends,” he said about the couple. The group had taken a 5am dip in, what he informed was, the “holy triveni sangam point, where the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet.” We were happy to note that the early morning chill had sharpened the wellness guru’s famous penchant for rhyming. “A chilled water drill without any frills. Cleansing, regulating and fortifying. Womb to Kumbh. End of strife for a renewed life. Don’t be stressed, be blessed,” he texted us, when he touched down at Mumbai airport from Delhi yesterday, where he’d gone post the dip. How does he feel since?
“I feel pure, feel sure, minus the world’s lure,” he said, even as he perhaps, was collecting his bags from the belt. ‘Purification prioritised, get Mickeymised!’ he signed off.

Soft Power In The Big Apple

It was a weekend that saw a little piece of India’s cultural might show up in New York. The trunk show, put together by Mirai Doshi, daughter of Mumbai-based investment banker Mickey Doshi, introduced leading Indian designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, and their work to the Big Apple’s swish set. What’s more, it was an undeniable demonstration of the country’s soft power, with all facets of the event presenting an India connection: The venue was the Taj group’s Pierre Hotel, the food served had been catered by the goa-born, New York-based celebrity chef Floyd Cardoz and the audience had included erstwhile Mumbai girl Meera Gandhi. Incidentally, word has it that Doshi, who moved to NYC after her marriage last year, plans to showcase a lot more of India in the Big Apple over the coming months.

Secret Diary Of: A Fashion Forward Pooch

‘Sunday, January 20; Mumbai:
Dear Diary,
Doggone it, I seem to have done it again! Ever since I decided to step out in style and make an appearance on the catwalk of a high-profile fashion show last week, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing with other designers inviting me to do the same at their forthcoming shows. I guess it was all thanks to my stylist’s advice to go ‘au natural’ with just the barest hint of a sheen on my unstructured faun coat and a nod towards this season’s Bohemian Rhapsody theme, by keeping my neck free of all accessories – such as a dog collar.
“It will also enhance your neckline,” she‘d said.
Anyway, the result of this outing is that I am now besieged with invitations and my EA just doesn’t know how to cope. However, just as every silver lining must have its cloud, as to be expected, there has been an unfortunate fall-out of the event too: Apparently, a delegation of leading film stars has issued an official statement informing all of their decision to boycott any shows where I will make an appearance, as they feel I pose a serious threat to many of their careers as show stoppers.
Oof! Such a dog-eat-dog world we live in na?’

First Published: Jan 20, 2019 23:11 IST

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