Korean choirmaster shapes the lives of Pune’s slum children with music

Korean choirmaster Jaechang Kim has been bringing about a change in the lives of the slum children near Kondhwa and Mohammadwadi through music. His journey with these children and their aspirations is what the documentary Singing With Angry Bird is all about. It was screened in collaboration with the Indo Korean cultural group (IKCG) and National Film Archive of India (NFAI).

The 88-minute documentary shows the journey of Korean NGO World sharp that teaches songs to slum children in the city with an aim to make them honest leaders in the future. It is a movie about searching hope and happiness with laughter and cries through music.

World sharp is a non-profit corporation that aims to educate children, who will bear the future of India, free of charge. Despite facing a lot of difficulties in Pune, they have overcome all the odds to shape the future of slum children.

“When I came to Pune in August 2010, I was shocked after I saw the slum life and started to teach music to help them. Should the poor dream poor? If there is no hope for man, life will be in despair. In order to change the poor man’s life with hope, I made a choir called Banana which means to make or to change,” says Kim over an email to HT.

There is a saying “people learn through experience” which made Kim create the choir for the children and he goes around the world, giving them a lot of experience and challenge, so that they can see beyond their life in slums. “The experience will teach you self-confidence, goals for the future, humanity and sociality. They can also grow into a person with a more harmonious personality with a functional element of music,” he adds.

“I feel infinite fulfilment and happiness in witnessing people, who had no vision for the future, changing and becoming more brilliant and progressive,” Kim says.

The Banana choir is in its 10th year since its inception. In the meantime, many children in the slums have been educated and trained free of charge. They have visited Korea seven times, with their performances being aired on the radio as well as a film made on them. The children of the Banana choir have now become adults and are well-positioned in their lives. They are now ready to teach their juniors. The choir is preparing for a self-education programme with teaching and management.

First Published: Sep 24, 2018 14:49 IST

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