Kalasa-Banduri: plan to set up check-post

A police check-post will be set up to monitor the movement of Ministers and officials from Goa to the Kalasa-Banduri worksites in Khanapur taluk in Belagavi district.

“This was necessitated by the frequent unscheduled visits of dignitaries from Goa. Ministers, MLAs and officials from Goa keep coming without telling us. The Mahadayi tribunal is expected to give its verdict this month. In such tense times, if the visitors are attacked by some angry protesters here, it could create problems. And, if something goes wrong, the Belagavi police will be blamed. By setting up the check-post, we want to avoid any untoward incident,” police sources said. “The check-post is to ensure the safety and security of the visiting dignitaries,” Inspector-General of Police Alok Kumar said. “Everyone has the right to travel anywhere in the country. But then, Mahadayi is a very sensitive issue that can have law and order ramifications. We want to monitor the situation closely,” he added.

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